Chester, Chester, United Kingdom

Semi-detached house on the outskirts of the City of Chester.

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The REALLY good things are...
  • It is close to Chester zoo which is world famous.
  • It is within walking distance (or a short bus ride) of the Roman city of Chester.
  • It is a short dirve from both North Wales and the city of Liverpool.

About our Home

It is a reasonable sized semi-detached house which has recently been modernised and redecorated throughout. It has large, enclosed gardens. It is in a very convienient location for trips out, being close to the M53, M6 and M56 motorways. It is also not far to the railway station and the local bus stops outside the house.

Places of interest and things to do

  • Chester, historic walled city
  • World famous Chester Zoo
  • Close to Liverpool, home of the Beatles and Liverpool and Everton football clubs
  • Close to North Wales and areas of outstanding natural beauty
  • Close to the coast and the mountains of North Wales and the Lake District
  • Good for shopping - Chester, Liverpool, Manchester
  • Castles and Historic buildings to visit
  • Chester catedral and 2 cathedrals in Liverpool to visit


  • Garden

About us

I am a widow, I retired in July 2010. From 2005 - 2007 I taught in an Elementary school in North Carolina, USA.

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