London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Lovely Studio Apartment In The London City Area, London, United Kingdom

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The REALLY good things are...
  • Bright and lovely studio flat
  • Great location: Quiet street, 2 mins to buses and 5 mins to underground station
  • Near all amenities you need for your London stay

About our Home

Bright studio apartment in the London City area. Features a small kichenette, shower room & toilet. Available are: Sky TV, video, dvd, wireless internet, microwave, fridge freezer, oven and grill, pressing iron, a fireplace. Free welcome drinks on your arrival plus London guide books to help you get around London's popular attractions.

The apartment is located in a quiet street and offers 3 to 5 mins walk to buses and underground station for sightseeing across London's theatres, museums, general attractions and to the airport. 3 mins walk to shops, pubs, small and large supermarkets, many restaurants ranging from Italian, Chinese, KFC, McDonald's, the popular British fish and chips shops, Dominos Pizza and more! You will also find bakeries, tea rooms/cafes, block buster, atms and banks, salons and almost anything you'd need on holiday.

A 3 minute walk to the south of the property will lead you to a popular park well re-known for being where Charles Dickens wrote part of the novel Martin Chuzzlewit. The park offers tennis courts, picnic/lunch areas and more. Sometimes live shows and fayres are held there and are often a delight to watch. If you're into golfing, you'll find a prestigious one only 10 mins away. The golf club is said to have opened its doors since 1893.

Places of interest and things to do

  • There is lots to do in London!


  • Wifi
  • Cable TV

About us

I am a legal professional and enterpreneur. I occupy the property as a second home and spend my time there as it is in the city area as apposed to my main home which is in the surburbs. I am able to swap on almost any month with a fair notice period. However, from February 2011 to August, I would be looking for a home exchange in Rome, Venice, Paris and New York but mostly Rome. Please contact me if you wish to exchange for any of the above places. I am also open to offers (for other countries).

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Fantastic site, well designed, easy to use with some excellent properties

Julie Smearop, London

Listed my property last week, swapping next month, what more could we ask for.

Sean Lynch, Melbourne

One of the best home swap sites in the market, keep up the good work.

Celeste Boyes, Canada