Enrique Villanueva, Central Visayas, Philippines

have a look at our fotoshow in the website:www.siquijorcasa.com

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The REALLY good things are...
  • relaxing beach on paradise island
  • most friendly people
  • good infrastructure

About our Home

our website:www.siquijorcasa.com also in: booking.com- " villas
residencias," siquijor
you will find mediterranian style houses , or a choice of local or stone houses, w. kitchen or aircon houses. we have also some residential houses outside the resort. There is a nice big bamboo restaurant in the resort, or you can cook on your own. situated right on the white sand beach or up in an tropical garden. enjoy a quiet beautiful and charming island with friendly people.
Larena, 6km from us, is a small town with several shops for food and everyday needs, Vegetable and- fish market, small local restaurants, Internet cafes.
You can go around the Island in about 4 hours, (75 km) , visiting the 5 small town and many beaches, or explore the mountains, forests and caves.. see our website for fotos about the island (islandtours)
How to get there: from Manila 1 hr.flight to Dumaguete/Negros Island and 1 hr. boattrip - or 4.5 hr. from Cebu (internat. airport)

we will be in europe approx. july to sept 2014

Places of interest and things to do

  • see our suggestion for island tours on our website
  • beaches, mountains, caves, waterfalls , everything
  • old spanish churches and convent
  • island hopping to other islands by our motorbanca
  • swim and snorkel in our most beautifl housereef


  • Garden
  • Wifi

About us

We are two ladies (german/philipp.) running the charming beachresort: "Casa de la playa " at the famous island "Siquijor" known for its healers and shamans since more than 19 years and love to travel in europe, all over the world, especially in our low season between may and nov., a non-simultaneous exchange welcome, as we can always offer any house of your choice in our Resort. terry and emely

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Sean Lynch, Melbourne

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