Pecerady, Central Bohemia, Czech Republic

Our lovely house great for children

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The REALLY good things are...
  • Green area
  • Close to Prague
  • Great for sporty people

About our Home

Our house is a spacious and comfortable. We offer 3 bedroom (sleeps 5), 1 living room (possible 2 sleeps), large kitchen, 1 bathroom (bath and shower), 2 WC. It has a sunny garden with a big trampoline. Our house does not have painted plaster, but the kids have so much space for painting :).Even, painting on our wall, yours we will save :-).
2 adults and 2 child bicycles are available. If you will need we can find more. You can use our car for trips also.
Our home is situated in a green area, next to small town. Our area is very popular for tourists. Also geocachers will be very happy here. You can take bikes and do the trips. If not bike, you can use our car. You can also borrow a boat in the town (raft, kayak - and go down the river Sázava.
More about the neighbourhood:
About 1 minute walk is an evening pub where there is a great cook, beer and billiard table. 10 minutes by car is castle Konopiště with big golf playground ( 1O minutes by car is also military museum. Great for army fans. Shops and restaurants are about 5 minutes by car (15 minutes walk). Prague is about 35 minutes by car.

Places of interest and things to do


  • Garden
  • Wifi
  • Equipped for kids

About us

We are a family of 4. My husband (35) works as a structural engineer and I’m (33) a beautician. Our children, a boy 10 years and girl 7 years. We are very sporty – my husband is a children's football coach, and also plays football. I play volleyball, son plays hockey and daughter is a dancer. Our house is a lovely home.

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