Braitling, NT, Australia

Main bedroom has ensuite, 2 other single bedrooms. Air conditioned/heated. We also have 2 pet budgies and pet rabbit living in a big enclosure outside, that needs a supervised hop daily! Very low maintenance!

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The REALLY good things are...
  • Close to Alice Springs CBD
  • Comfortable and homely - lovely quiet neighbourhood.
  • Nice big back yard!

About our Home

September/October is a great time to visit - shouldn't be too hot. Lots of things to see around town. Uluru (Ayers Rock) is about a 4 hour drive (one way), so if you plan to go, we can organise neighbours to look after the pets as you'll need a few days to appreciate it! Is ex Housing Commission home - renovated, tiled floors and air conditioned (both cooling and heating).

Places of interest and things to do

  • Alice Springs Desert Park
  • Telegraph Station
  • Alice Springs Aquatic and Leisure Centre
  • Lasseters Health Club
  • Ayers Rock (Uluru) 4 hours drive (or a quick flight).
  • Anzac Hill Lookout


  • Garden
  • Wifi
  • Cable TV
  • Pets

About us

Our house in Alice Springs will be available between Sept 29 - Oct 8th. 3 bedrooms, air conditioned. We are looking for a house in Melbourne (preferably Eastern suburbs, Ringwood, Box Hill etc) for Sept 28 - Oct 4 whilst we visit some of our family (we will then be going to Hobart before returning home Oct 8th, thus our house being available for longer). 2 adults and our daughter (15 years)

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Julie Smearop, London

Listed my property last week, swapping next month, what more could we ask for.

Sean Lynch, Melbourne

One of the best home swap sites in the market, keep up the good work.

Celeste Boyes, Canada