Etty Bay, QLD, Australia

Artist's pole home near the Great Barrier Reef.

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The REALLY good things are...
  • Amazing wild life and pristine beach nearby.
  • Relaxing beach home, breakfast on the verandah with birds.
  • Close to all the tourist activities of the far north.

About our Home

Visit the rainforest, reef and best beach in the north! Our home is open plan with a mezzanine, a great verandah with hammock to relax on and close to Innisfail, the Art Deco hub of Australia.
Two rivers to fish in or boat on, Cairns is 1 hr away, Mission Beach to the south and tablelands to the East. So plenty to do.

Places of interest and things to do

  • Etty bay beach, great swimming.
  • Fishing in Johnstone river. Fresh seafood.
  • Mamu canopy walk rainforest.
  • Art Deco buildings and tour of town.
  • Misty mountain walks for hikers.
  • Paronella Park Spanish ruins.
  • Shopping in Cairns.
  • Reef trips to the islands.


  • Garden
  • Wifi

About us

My daughter 19, and I are looking for a week in Lyon on our way home to Australia. My husband and I are teachers, I am an artist and my husband loves cycling and motor biking. My daughter has just spent 6 months in Sweden on a gap year and we are traveling through France on our way home.

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Fantastic site, well designed, easy to use with some excellent properties

Julie Smearop, London

Listed my property last week, swapping next month, what more could we ask for.

Sean Lynch, Melbourne

One of the best home swap sites in the market, keep up the good work.

Celeste Boyes, Canada