Del Viso, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

Gorgeous home with extensive gardens, for family looking for safe paradise.

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The REALLY good things are...
  • It is completely unique, designed by famed arquitect Raul Burrone.
  • It has spacious living areas, offices, a library and bedrooms.
  • Separate guest house and servants quarters.

About our Home

This is a home for someone who wants to enjoy the lush outdoors and all the commodities of a fully equipped luxury house. In this safe gated community our home is an island of peace and vegetation forty minutes from the city of Buenos Aires. A beautiful pool and prize winning rose gardens make it a wonderful place to enjoy the outdoors. 3 fireplaces and plenty of rooms for guests or help make it cozy and comfortable to spend your days inside in the winter as well. One of a kind.

Places of interest and things to do

  • Buenos Aires 40 minutes away
  • Shopping Malls and grocery stores five minutes away.
  • The Delta Tigre provides access for people who like boats and rowing.


  • Garden
  • Cleaner
  • Wifi
  • Pool
  • Equipped for kids
  • Pets

About us

We have a beautiful 5 bedroom bath home in with extensive gardens, pool, separate guest house, forty minutes from the center of Buenos Aires, in a safe gated community. I am looking to swap for a home in Denver, Colorado (preferable Observatory Park, Wash Park or Park Hill) for a minimum of 4 months and a maximum of 2 years. We would need at least 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Have two wonderful dogs that would stay with the property.

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Fantastic site, well designed, easy to use with some excellent properties

Julie Smearop, London

Listed my property last week, swapping next month, what more could we ask for.

Sean Lynch, Melbourne

One of the best home swap sites in the market, keep up the good work.

Celeste Boyes, Canada